• I-25
    Central Pacific

    The Career of the I-25 – Part One

    Several navies experimented with submarine-launched aircraft, but few embraced the practice as whole-heartedly as the Japanese. Throughout the 1920s several experimental aircraft were developed, and submarines modified with water-tight compartments to carry them, before the [...]
  • PatWing-4 PBYs Kiska

    The Kiska Blitz

    For the Japanese, the only bright spot in the disastrous MI-AL Operation was the capture of the tiny Aleutian Islands of Kiska and Attu – the only pieces of American territory to fall into enemy [...]
  • History

    Darwin, Summer 1942

    As war waged across the Pacific, one relative backwater saw renewed battle as a veteran Japanese air group duelled with a rookie American unit in the skies of northern Australia. Following the devastating raid on [...]
  • Hilfskreuzer Michel

    The German Raiders Thor and Michel

    After the loss of the Kormoran on November 19th, 1941, there were no German auxiliary cruisers still afloat anywhere in the Pacific or Indian oceans. Keen to put pressure on the Royal Navy and force it to defend [...]
  • Central Pacific

    The Battle of Midway: Mikuma’s Nightmare

    When word of the American attack in the Kido Butai, and the subsequent destruction of the Kaga, Akagi and Soryu, made its way back to Admiral Yamamoto aboard his flagship Yamato, he was stunned. Information [...]
Nakajima A6M2-N
In the Spotlight

Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 “Rufe”

by PE Matt in Aircraft 0

During the China Incident the Japanese Navy had made extensive use of floatplanes to augment their land-based units. The Japanese faced a lack of suitable airfields around the coastal cities that were conquered between 1937 [...]

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