• Central Pacific

    The Battle of Midway: The Island Strikes Back

    As the Japanese were pounding Midway, the motley collection of bombers that had cleared the airfield headed in the opposite direction, determined to attack the carrier fleet spotted earlier that morning. In the weeks preceding [...]
  • Central Pacific

    Midway: Kido Butai Strikes

    As American search planes criss-crossed the skies around Midway, the Japanese Mobile Striking Force, the Kido Butai, approached undetected from the north west. A weather front had concealed the fleet, curtailing flight operations and giving [...]
  • ASE-equipped PBY Catalina
    Central Pacific

    Midway: The Approach

    Due to the vast distances between the islands of the Central Pacific, both the Americans and the Japanese used long range patrol aircraft extensively to keep an eye on the vast expanse of ocean separating [...]
  • History

    The Dutch Harbor Raid

    Often described as a diversionary attack to draw American forces away from Midway, the Japanese attack on Dutch Harbor on the 3rd and 4th of June, 1942, was in fact a distinct operation. The Japanese [...]
  • Central Pacific

    Midway: Plans and Preparations

    By March 1942 the Japanese had accomplished their pre-war goals of capturing the Netherlands East Indies and Malaya, together with the rich oil fields which they hoped would supply their economy. Burma was on the [...]
Vought SB2U Vindicator
In the Spotlight

Vought SB2U Vindicator

by PE Matt in Aircraft 0

In 1934 the US Navy invited bids for a new carrier-based scout bomber, and received no less than six competing designs. Four of these would be ordered into production – Curtiss’ upgraded SBC-3 biplane, the [...]

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