• Ordnancemen load bombs during the Guadalcanal Landings

    The Guadalcanal Landings

    As the largest invasion fleet assembled so far in the war approached Guadalcanal to begin the landing operations, the first order of business for VAdm Frank J. Fletcher’s Task Force 61 was to clear the [...]
  • Allied warships depart Wellington, NZ in July 1942, bound for Guadalcanal.

    The Guadalcanal Campaign

    Kido Butai’s defeat at the Battle of Midway meant that American positions in the Central Pacific, including Hawaii, were now secure. US Navy Commander in Chief Admiral Ernest J. King now felt that the time [...]
  • Nobuo Fujita
    Central Pacific

    The Career of the I-25 – Part Two

    When I-25 arrived at her berth in Yokosuka harbour, her pilot, Nobuo Fujita, was surprised to receive orders to report to Naval General Headquarters in Tokyo. At first he feared that he was to be [...]
  • I-25
    Central Pacific

    The Career of the I-25 – Part One

    Several navies experimented with submarine-launched aircraft, but few embraced the practice as whole-heartedly as the Japanese. Throughout the 1920s several experimental aircraft were developed, and submarines modified with water-tight compartments to carry them, before the [...]
  • PatWing-4 PBYs Kiska

    The Kiska Blitz

    For the Japanese, the only bright spot in the disastrous MI-AL Operation was the capture of the tiny Aleutian Islands of Kiska and Attu – the only pieces of American territory to fall into enemy [...]
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Boeing XB-15

by PE Matt in Aircraft 0

By the mid-1930s the US Army Air Corps (USAAC) saw the need for a new type of long-range bomber. The procurement of the Boeing B-9 and the Martin B-10 and B-12 series had filled an [...]

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