• Central Pacific

    The Battle of Midway: Mikuma’s Nightmare

    When word of the American attack in the Kido Butai, and the subsequent destruction of the Kaga, Akagi and Soryu, made its way back to Admiral Yamamoto aboard his flagship Yamato, he was stunned. Information [...]
  • Central Pacific

    The Battle of Midway: Death of the Hiryū

    Just before noon, and before the Japanese began their attacks on her, the Yorktown had launched a search mission consisting of 10 SBD Dauntlesses. After almost three hours one of these aircraft came across the [...]
  • Yorktown under torpedo bomber attack
    Central Pacific

    The Battle of Midway: Yorktown Succumbs

    The vicious dive-bombing attack by the American SBDs on three of Kido Butai’s carriers had left the Japanese reeling, but not completely out of the fight. One carrier, Hiryū, remained intact having manoeuvred away from [...]
  • SBDs after the Battle of Midway
    Central Pacific

    The Battle of Midway: the Dive Bomber Attack

    The American dive bomber force launched with the torpedo bombers, but each of the three squadrons involved took paths to the target the diverged greatly from the torpedo squadrons, and from each other. The contingent [...]
  • Central Pacific

    Battle of Midway: The Torpedo Attack

    Task Force 16 – Enterprise and Hornet, under RAdm Raymond Spruance – sailed for Midway on the 29th of May, just two days after Kido Butai departed from Japan. RAdm Frank Fletcher’s Task Force 17, [...]
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Yokosuka D4Y Type 2 Suisei “Judy”

by PE Matt in Aircraft 0

In 1938 Japan acquired one of the prototype Heinkel He 118 dive bombers that the Luftwaffe had rejected in favour of the Junkers Ju 87. Although this aircraft crashed during trials, its overall performance had [...]

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