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This is a blog about air combat in the Pacific Theatre during World War II, including the lesser known conflicts in China, Burma, India and the Aleutian Islands. I intend to go through the conflict in roughly chronological fashion, writing about the key events in the order they occurred. I want to focus in on the less well known events that occurred between 1937 and 1945 as well as looking at the better known battles and hoping to shed light on some of the interesting details.

Why write this blog? I’ve been interested in the Pacific air war for years. There’s something about the idea of planes battling it out over azure seas and lush green jungles that I find utterly fascinating, and the more I read and learn about this period in history the more that fascination seems to grow. Over the years I’ve accumulated all sorts of information, from books to magazine clippings to all sorts of lists and other scraps of information collected from the Internet. Now I’ve decided to give something back.

I’m by no means a professional historian, but I have some experience with historical writing so I hope I can do justice to a subject which I know can be extremely sensitive, for all sorts of reasons. I have no doubt there will be many errors of commission and omission in my writings, but I hope that this place becomes a useful source for anyone who shares my interest.

For any questions, comments or corrections on anything you see on this site, please feel free to drop an email to info@localhost

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I am interested in any documented or anecdotal information about the B-17 mission in September 1941 from Hawaii to the Philippines led by Major (later General) Emmett O’Donnell, that could be included in a proposed article about this mission. Preparations, Planning, logistics, routing, checklist development, crewmembers, problems flying over Japanese controlled areas and other info could be of value.

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