Martin Maryland

August 29, 2017 PE Matt 0

In 1938 the US Army Air Corps issued the specifications for a new light bomber, and the subsequent design competition eventually produced 3 production bombers – the Douglas A-20, North American B-25, and the Martin […]

Morane-Saulnier MS.406

August 30, 2015 PE Matt 0

The Armée de l’Air issued a requirement in 1934 for a new modern fighter, a monoplane to replace the biplanes then in service. The Moraine-Saulnier company responded with a design that was designated the MS.405, […]

Loire 130

Loire 130

August 24, 2015 PE Matt 0

The Loire 130 was designed for the French Navy in response to a request for a new reconnaissance seaplane to serve aboard battleships and cruisers in the fleet. The 130 beat off competition from 5 […]