Nakajima C3N Type 97

January 27, 2016 PE Matt 0

In 1935 the Japanese Navy issued their 10-Shi requirements for two new carrier based aircraft, a torpedo bomber and a reconnaissance plane. The torpedo bomber design created by Nakajima became the famous B5N, but the […]

Fairey Albacore

January 25, 2016 PE Matt 0

Often described as a failed successor to the famous Swordfish torpedo bomber, the Fairey Albacore was an advanced biplane naval bomber that was ordered as a replacement for its older sibling. Seeking a replacement for […]

The Loss of Northern Malaya

January 22, 2016 PE Matt 0

With the Japanese having established a firm foothold on the northern part of the Malayan Peninsula, their troops moved rapidly to capture key British facilities. More army sentai began to fly into the airfields close […]

Short Singapore

January 21, 2016 PE Matt 0

The Short Singapore was a flying boat that was originally designed as a twin-engine aircraft in the mid-1920s which was not ordered by the RAF, with the sole Singapore Mk I being used for survey […]

The Fight for the Philippines

January 15, 2016 PE Matt 0

The attack on Clark Field, with which the Japanese had opened their offensive on the Philippines, had decimated the American Far East Air force (FEAF). Half of the FEAF’s vaunted B-17 Flying Fortress bombers had […]

Consolidated B-24 Liberator

January 13, 2016 PE Matt 0

The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was one of the most widely used aircraft of World War II and was the most produced heavy bomber in history, with over 18,000 rolling off the assembly lines. The original […]