Operation K

January 20, 2017 PE Matt 1

The Japanese, keen to press back against the Americans in the Central Pacific as well as keeping up-to-date with developments at Pearl Harbor, planned an audacious mission to conduct a combined bombing/reconnaissance attack on the […]

Gallery: Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941

November 17, 2015 PE Matt 0

On December 7th 1941 the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii, thus beginning the Pacific War. This gallery includes images from before, during and after the attack.

Pearl Harbor: The Second Wave

October 16, 2015 PE Matt 1

As the first wave of aircraft was beginning their attack on Pearl Harbor, a second wave was already winging its way south to join in the attack. Whilst the first wave had the Pacific Fleet […]

Japanese Naval Aircraft

Pearl Harbor: The First Wave

October 9, 2015 PE Matt 0

Japan’s war in China brought her into direct conflict with the United States. As Japanese forces moved south into Indochina, the threat to American interests in the Philippines, as well as the British and Dutch […]