List of Japanese Submarine Reconnaissance Missions

During the Pacific War,  Japanese submarines carried out dozens of reconnaissance missions by flying off small seaplanes. These aircraft were stored within water-tight compartments in the vessel’s hull, before being assembled on deck and catapulted off. A few Watanabe E9W Type 96s were still on strength at the start of the war, but the primary aircraft assigned to submarines was the superior Yokosuka E14Y Type 0.

The following is a list of known reconnaissance missions conducted by Japanese submarines.

30/11/1941I-10E9WSuva, FijiAircraft failed to return
16/12/1941I-7E9WPearl Harbor, Hawaii
04/01/1942I-19E9WPearl Harbor, Hawaii
17/02/1942I-25E14YSydney, Australia
23/02/1942I-9E9WPearl Harbor, Hawaii
26/02/1942I-25E14YMelbourne, Australia
01/03/1942I-25E14YHobart, Australia
08/03/1942I-25E14YWellington, New Zealand
12/03/1942I-25E14YAuckland, New Zealand
18/03/1942I-25E14YSuva, Fiji
23/03/1942I-25E14YPago Pago, SamoaCancelled due to poor weather
03/04/1942I-7E9WTrincomalee and Colombo, CeylonCancelled due to Allied air patrols
07/05/1942I-30E14YAden, Yemen
08/05/1942I-30E14YDjibouti, Somaliland
19/05/1942I-30E14YZanzibar and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika
20/05/1942I-10E14YDurban, South Africa
23/05/1942I-29E14YSydney, Australia
24/05/1942I-21E14YAuckland, New Zealand
24/05/1942I-9E14YKiska and Amchitka, Aleutian Islands
26/05/1942I-19E9WBogoslof Island, Aleutian Islands
26/05/1942I-9E14YAdak and Kanaga, Aleutian Islands
27/05/1942I-25E14YDutch Harbor, Aleutian Islands
29/05/1942I-10E14YDiego Suarez, Madagascar
29/05/1942I-21E14YSydney, Australia
31/05/1942I-10E14YDiego Suarez, Madagascar
10/06/1942I-29E14YNoumea, New Caledonia
15/06/1942I-9E14YKodiak, Alaska
28/08/1942I-19E14YNdeni, New Hebrides
11/09/1942I-31E14YNdeni and Vanikoro, New Hebrides
13/09/1942I-31E14YVanikoro, New Hebrides
29/09/1942I-25E14YGrassy Knob, Oregon
02/10/1942I-21E14YEspiritu Santo, New Hebrides
13/10/1942I-7E9WEspiritu Santo, New Hebrides
19/10/1942I-19E14YNoumea, New Caledonia
30/10/1942I-9E14YNoumea, New Caledonia
02/11/1942I-8E9WEfate, New Hebrides
04/11/1942I-9E14YNoumea, New Caledonia
04/11/1942I-31E14YSuva, Fiji
11/11/1942I-7E9WVanikoro, New Hebrides
11/11/1942I-31E14YPago Pago, Samoa
12/11/1942I-9E14YEspiritu Santo, New Hebrides
24/01/1943I-19E14YNoumea, New Hebrides
25/01/1943I-21E14YSydney, Australia
16/02/1943I-25E14YEspiritu Santo, New Hebrides
19/02/1943I-21E14YNew South Wales, Australia
23/08/1942I-25E14YEspiritu Santo, New Hebrides
20/09/1943I-10E14YPerim Island, Yemen
08/10/1943I-21E14YSuva, Fiji
16/10/1943I-36E14YPearl Harbor, Hawaii
17/11/1943I-19E14YPearl Harbor, Hawaii
03/03/1944I-37E14YChagos Archipelago, British Indian Ocean Territory
15/03/1944I-37E14YDiego Suarez, Madagascar
07/04/1944I-37E14YPemba Island and Mombasa, Kenya
22/04/1944I-36E14YMajuro, Marshall Islands
12/06/1944I-10E14YMajuro, Marshall Islands

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