North American B-25 Mitchell

February 26, 2017 PE Matt 0

In 1937, the US Army Air Corps began to look for a new twin-engine attack bomber to replace the single-engine types it had on hand. The USAAC solicited for several designs, three of which ended […]

Westland Wapiti

February 15, 2017 PE Matt 0

In the mid-1920s the standard ‘general purpose’ aircraft in the RAF was the DH-9A, which had its roots in the World War I era DH-4. Interwar budget cuts meant that it was not until 1926 […]

The Indian Ocean Raid: Colombo

February 12, 2017 PE Matt 0

On March 26th, 1942, the Japanese Kido Butai departed from its anchorage at Staring Bay and set course for the Indian Ocean. Five of the six carriers under the command of Admiral Chuichi Nagumo were […]