The US Army Air Forces raised a total of 16 numbered air forces during World War II. 7 of these fought in the Pacific and China-Burma-India Theatres from 1941-1945. 

5th Air Force
Far East Air Force
7th Air Force
Hawaiian Air Force
10th Air Force
India Air Task Force

The Fifth Air Force began the war as the Far East Air Force, based in the Philippines, before withdrawing to Australia and New Guinea.

The Seventh Air Force was originally the Hawaiian Air Force, responsible for defense of the Hawaiian Islands.

The Tenth Air Force was activated in early 1942 to control USAAF units in India and China.

11th Air Force
Alaskan Air Force
13th Air Force 14th Air Force
China Air Task Force

The Eleventh Air Force started the war as the Alaskan Air Force, charged with defending the Aleutian Islands and the approaches to Alaska.

The Thirteenth Air Force was organised in early 1943 to control units which had been detached from other units and sent to the South Pacific.

The Fourteenth Air Force was originally the China Air Task Force, part of the Tenth Air Force, before being organised as a seperate unit.

  20th Air Force  

The Twentieth Air Force was organised to control operations of the new B-29 bomber as it attacked Japan. It remained under the direct command of USAAF commander Gen Henry H. Arnold.