Lt Kunihiro Iwaka’s E8N Type 95 floatplane

May 13, 2015 PE Matt 0

[Not a valid template] On February 24th, 1938, floatplanes from the seaplane tenders Notoro and Kinugasa Maru attacked Nanhsiung, in Kwangtung (Guangdong) Province, China. One the the E8Ns, piloted by Lt Kunihiro Iwaka, was severally […]

Nakajima E8N Type 95 “Dave”

March 9, 2015 PE Matt 0

Designed as a replacement for the E4N Type 90, the Nakajima E8N was a derivative of this older plane but featured a more powerful engine, slimmer wings, and a taller tail. A prototype was entered […]